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Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982. After collaborating with prestigious agencies including Ora Ito and Christophe Pillet in 2011, he launched his design studio and has since then been developing his own projects. He draws his inspirations from his roots in France and Lebanon, as well as street-art culture. These influences take shape through the reinterpretation of patterns  issued from the decorative art that were in turn inherited from the history and geography of Lebanon. Charles' line of work is always sharp yet flexible; almost like the strokes created by a calligraphy brush. 

Charles collectible designs "Cinétisme", "Moon" and "Clé de sol" are shown exclusely by Galerie BSL in Paris. 

He also created the Rocky credenza for La Chance. Since then, he has also been working with companies and brands such as DCW, Habitat, Haymann Edition, Nemo lighting, Dupont Corian, Lelievre, PUIG, Fondation Luciano Benetton, JM design gallery in Beirut and also designs private commissions.

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What is your favourite place or time to find inspiration ?

What is the first thing you will do covid situation will be fixed ?

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