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MARMINI II is despite its minimalistic architectural appearance a comfortable upholstered stool. It is composed of three volumes that apparently do not seem to be able to stay together, two hard parts in ‘Light Ruivina’ marble that seem to want to detach themselves from the central part of the upholstered soft padding. Three triangular shapes are pulled together in a compact final sculptural form. Also here the design philosophy is to move and play in between the notions
of functionality and sculpturality.

Marmini 2 for the event INSIDE GALLERY by Claude Cartier

Photo credit : Guillaume Grasset



Hannes Peer Architecture is an architecture and design studio that specializes in luxury retail, hospitality and residential spaces, founded in 2009 and based in Milan.

The constant theme is the search for eclecticism as well as high quality in the design at all scales through the study of the close relationship between architecture, historical context and new technologies mediating between craftsmanship and industrial production. The language used in the design is stratified and eclectic, uniting poetic vision and rigorous design. The studio’s projects are recognizable by their strong iconographic identity, based upon continuous research on colours and materials and the contamination between the various contemporary languages.


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What was the original inspiration for the Marmini 2 chair ?

Could you sketch the Marmini 2 chair in your dream house ?

The Marmini collection was deeply inspired by the work and research of New York artist and art critic Scott
Burton. One of Burton’s most pivotal early works is Rock Chair where the artist imbued functionality into a twoton boulder of sierra granite by carving an “L-shape” into it’s core.

A chair has qualities that one can play with, it is democratic, malleable and comfortable, at the same time a chair can also be intended as an artistic object, a sculpture that always will have also a clear specific use value. One could say that a chair is only a chair when intended to be occupied by a human body.
With this collection i wanted to challenge the distinction between furniture and sculpture. MARMINI is a playful and colorful collection of useful objects.

Hannes Peer also designed the chaise longue Marmini 1 and the table Lamina .


Milan2021,  from 6th to 9th September 2021, during the Furisalone., La Chance is pleased to meet you at Hannes Peer's atelier apartment, and present you the new pieces from their  collaboration.

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