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Snow was born from the poetic concept of how snow transforms landscapes. 

Note Design Studio want to capture the feeling of that first snow in winter, creating this range modular sofa system. 


Brutalism and softness




The Dall-e generator was one of the means of communication to develop the inspiration of brutalist architecture contrasting with the snow's softness of the sofa.

Snow represents this oxymoron of a welcoming seat and a structural leg.








"There is something poetic in the way a snow-fall can drastically transform the landscape within just a few hours. It’s one of those “all sense” sort of experiences where the landscape and architecture appearance changes drastically with the sheer volume of the blinding white snow along with the silence that comes with the sound absorbing effect by thick layers of snow. Its astonishing how the small snow crystals that are so fragile and light can become so heavy and thick."



Note Design Studio is a collective of architects, graphic & product designers established in Sweden in 2008. They presented their first furniture pieces in 2010 during the Marginal exhibition where the colorful and sculptural creations were to define Note’s identity and originated their career as one of the main player in nowadays Nordic design scene.

Their style combines the elegant simplicity of Nordic design with a playful and almost naive identity.


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What was the original inspiration for Snow ?

The moment when you wake up to a completely silent landscape shrouded in a thick veil of whitening snow. The architectural structure still visible underneath the heavy snow. The way snow forms around the object it lands on, when the silhouette of the object is still visible, but all hard edges are now covered with soft curves. And how, when you sit down on a snow dune, it forms around your body, leaving a perfect imprint.”




The design of Snow it's inspire from the architectural structure still visible underneath the heavy snow.
The concept was born out of this northern life experience, where the snow quickly covers everything in white.

Hard edges give way to soft curve.




SNOW has been shown for the first time during the Collectible Fair 2022.

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Note Design Studio also designed the Bolt stools, the iconic pieces of the La Chance Collection, Zorro, a minimalist table and the Tembo stools, a family of graphical seats.

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