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Marta Bakowski’s designs are a celebration of colours and materials, two major elements which are often the starting point of her projects. Her objects follow simple and graphical shapes with an elementary functionality, thus leaving room for tactility & expressive qualities while encouraging imagination et interpretation.

By working with dualities and de-contextualisations, her designs are a game of oppositions, contrasts and hijacks. Natural materials meet technological ones, crafts flirt with industry and primitive inspirations transform into pop and modern translations.

For the designer, it is a matter of developing a language that allows  objects to go beyond practicality. By creating links and strong evocations through the development of aesthetical values, her aim is to arouse emotions and encourage relationships between users and objects.

In the collection:

The 3 objects you always carry with you?

Marta, what is your favorite place/time to find inspiration?

Can you draw and describe shortly your favorite Polish dish?

You love Africa, what is your favorite animal in the savannah?

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