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During the Furisalone, La Chance is pleased to meet you at Hannes Peer‘s atelier apartment, and present you the new pieces from their  collaboration.

Photo credit : Nathalie Krag


“For the first time in my career as architect and designer I will open the doors to the public to my secret shrine, my atelier apartment. I will do so together with La Chance the furniture brand from Paris i have started to collaborate with in 2020. We had long and intensive discussions where to show my new collection i designed for La Chance. Several locations came to mind, but the idea to show my design pieces in my own studio apartment, the actual place where they were conceived, this idea stuck to me.”


“My studio apartment is a very special place, i call it my personal refuge. I searched for it for over 3 years before eventually and finally finding it. The space over the years and through different business owners had been a typography, a beauty salon and at last a massage therapy center with more than 20 small rooms subdivided by an infinite number of walls. The potential of the architectural space was barely visible when i saw the space for the first time, my best friends thought i was crazy when I took the place to make it finally my own. Being an architect with a good experience with industrial era constructions in Milan and a certain sculptural vision in mind, tabula rasa like I have tore down over 50 walls creating a two leveled airy open space with sculptural skylights and oversized windows. The space has become multifunctional in order to satisfy my most personal meaning of spatial use. It is first of all an apartment, a living space, then an atelier and work space.

One has to know that living and working for me is all about the same, both intertwine constantly in my life, for this exact reason I have created this space around me, a space where I can put all my creativity at work, from architecture to interior design to building my own design prototypes as well as my sculptural paintings whenever some freetime allows it.

Exactly in this sense of belonging and home I would like to catapult the visitors of my space. I think or believe that only the experience of actually entering and visiting my most private space visitors can understand first hand the meticulous stratification of archetypes, elements and codes my work is all about.


What better place to show my work as designer in a work of my architecture?

The single spaces have each a unique personality. The rooms are filled with pimping finishes, eclectic elements and textiles that feature vibrant colours and playful patterns, creating an eclectic union between a very sculptural and rigorous architecture and rather more decorative interiors. The interior design aims to create a spectacular yet atmospheric experience, it purposely reminds of the bold postmodern era feeling of New York loft apartments designed by Joe D’Urso or Alan Buchsbaum. The floors of the vestibule and living area are covered in glossy ebony colored resin of a sort not usually associated with residential design contrasting its dark hue and glossy texture with the grey-green Bardiglio marble stairs opening their way through the conversation pit, opaque white walls, a sculptural drooping skylight, smooth high-gloss white paint ceiling perfect the lofty feeling. This seemingly monochrome color palette is brightened up by several bold colored chinese art deco carpets and the sculptural paintings in pigeon blue and olive green i built myself.”


“The conversation pit in the entrance to the studio apartment pays hommage to the tradition of modernist american architectures such as the Miller House designed by Eero Saarinen. It is a communal seating area recessed into the dark brown resin floor, lined with camel coloured leather banquettes. The conversation pit is a vivid, era-defining image transcended into pop consciousness and here recontextualized as a modern time vestibule. Hovering over this conversation pit is a 16 square meter big glass chandelier with transparent and opaline glass petals. In this area we will place two unique sculptural pieces of the ‘MARMINI’ collection. Visible from the vestibule is the dining area with the sculptural ‘LAMINA’ table. With its sensually intersecting marble slabs, its architecture and its candid materiality ‘LAMINA’ is undoubtedly the ‘piece de resistence’ of this studio apartment.”



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