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Shirley Tat is an Australian woman in love with design. She accepted to answer some questions and show us her home.

Hi Shirley, could you tell us more about you ? Your life, your job, your hobbies ?

Yes of course! I work in Digital Marketing, and specifically in Social Media at an agency called One Green Bean. A lot of my personal interests intertwine with my work as I enjoy capturing moments and creating visual stories that can be shared online with a passionate community. Outside of work, I have a deep love for design and the aesthetics of it. This is across Fashion and Interiors, ranging from styling outfits to designing spaces within our home.

How did you discover La Chance ? How would you describe La Chance’s universe ?

After we purchased a house, my husband and I began our journey – designing and decorating our home. Upon purchasing a range of furniture pieces and accessories, we were introduced to La Chance by our consultant at Living Edge. La Chance was a world that stood out for us – it was an eclectic range of unforgettle statement pieces. I was deeply attracted to the bold colours, the edgy designs and the perfect balance between playfulness and properness.

What are your favorite pieces in the collection and why ?

I think my most favorite would be the Bolt Stool in stained beech wood and copper. It was actually our first La Chance piece and one I kept going back to the showroom to look at. (And when that happens or you can’t stop thinking about it, you know you’re in love). I also love our Anemone rug. Finding a beautiful rug design is incredibly hard… the role of a rug is to group together a selection of furniture pieces to create a space in a subtle – yet unique – way. The Anemone rug did that perfectly for our living room by standing out without stealing the show. I also love our Climb shelf, it was a maze to assemble, and you don’t know how much has gone into the design of it until you put it together! Our Rocky is a new favorite, it is just WOW. Enough said! And the Apollo is one I’ve been eyeing for ages… it’s probably one for our home one day (we have way too many lights at the moment!).

If you could ask us for your dream furniture, what would it be ? 

This is a hard question! I think I would love to see La Chance’s take on a bedframe. Bedframes are difficult when it comes to design, and very few designers have included them into their collection – which is why it’s genuinely hard to find nice ones! And personally I have been waiting for someone to extend their range into bedrooms… living spaces, dining areas and study rooms are much too easy and ubiquitous – someone needs to shake it up!

Thanks Shirley!

For more pictures about Shirley’s world, let’s discover her instagram !





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