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Lussas is a wallpaper collection inspired from an overlay game of pictures taken in Ardèche, France.

As a landscape photographed at different hours of the day, Lussas transports you into its rich graphic universe.



Mathieu Girard graduated from the blue school in 2010. In 2011, he co-founded the company cocorico Paris with Gauthier Pouillart. As a director of Creation and Strategy at cocorico, he develops unique stories which make the reputation of the studio.

By its desire for consistency on a global scale, he works in a wide spectrum of Creation, from interior architecture to visual identity through design or even music, video, art and any other useful medium to develop his projects.

As a designer, it is through the simplicity, originality and ingenuity of his ideas that he articulates his work. Always guided by the will to think the substance before the form.

La Chance, Haymann editions, Kann Design and Cider Editions and collaborate with him on different types of furniture without concessions to contemporary issues.
The winner of several competitions including: Colbert & Baccarat Committee Prize, Cinna Jury and Public Prize, VIA Project Aid, Grand-Prix SIMI ‘’Renovated building or particularly innovative redevelopment’’.

What was the original inspiration for Lussas ?

Can you sketch Lussas in your dream house ? 

LUSSAS collection

3 patterns for 3 cardinal points
4 colors for 3 hours of the day





2 A.M

6 A.M

3 P.M

9 P.M


January 2022, La Chance inaugurated its new show at our La Chance space in Paris, completely redesigned for the event, to present the new pieces of the collection, a selection of vintage furniture pieces, and contemporary art pieces. ⁠⁠

Event made with Harold Mollet and Andreina De Witte.

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