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January 2022, La Chance inaugurated its new show at our La Chance space in Paris, completely redesigned for the event, to present the new pieces of the collection, a selection of vintage furniture pieces, and contemporary art pieces. ⁠⁠

Event made with Harold Mollet and Andreina De Witte.


Crédit photo : Francis Amiand – La Chance


In 1955, Charlotte Perriand organized an exhibition in Tokyo where she brought together works of different nature – ceramics, paintings, sculptures and prints – within a scenography associating her furniture with the creations of Fernand Léger, Jean Dunand, etc. She imagined a world in which the distinction between everyday object and work of art is outdated. In the 70s, interior designers such as Henri Samuel crossed another limit by combining classic furniture with the most innovative design and contemporary art (Hiquily, Rougemont, César…).


La Chance follows in this path and presents its new pieces of furniture associated with the creations of contemporary artists (painting, drawing, sculpture, video, NFT) as well as classic designs of the 20th century in a bold new scenography. Art Adviser Andreina De Witte and furniture collector and dealer Harold Mollet have brought their expertise and present their favorite pieces to create the dream apartment of a tasteful collector.

In each scene, this transversal approach creates links between the past (Castiglioni, Botta, Chapo, Guhl,…), contemporary design (Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, Luca Nichetto, Sebastian Herkner, Charles Kalpakian, …), and the works of ten representatives of the new European art scene. The presentation breaks away from the typical immaculate whiteness of the classic art gallery and creates an immersive context in a décor inspired by the 70s opulence. A dialogue is created between the vintage pieces of the masters of design and the hyperrealist drawings of Katarzyna Wiesiolek, the poetic works in paper by Lauren Collin, the micro architectures of Mattia Listowski, or even the totemic sculptures of Sophie Bocher.

On this occasion, La Chance unveils the new Snow sofa by Note Design Studio, the spectacular tables and seats by Hannes Peer, as well as the techno ethnic poufs by Marta Bakowski, against the backdrop of Mathieu Girard’s ultra-graphic wallpaper collection. New versions of the Ronin chair with its marble back and the iridescent Bump sideboard will also be presented.


Contemporary art
Alice Roux (paint and lacquer), Sophie Bocher (sculpture), Gil Bourget (paint and lacquer), Lauren Collin (sculpted paper), Döppel Studio (NFT), Julien Drach (photography), Mathilde Lestiboudois (paint), Mattia Listowski (sculpture and photography), Franck Mouteault (vases), Jean-Louis Nehlich (paint), Katarzyna Wiesiolek (drawing)

20th century furniture
Masayo Ave, André Cazenave, Olaf von Bohr, Mario Botta, Achille Castiglioni, Willy Guhl & Anton Bee, Maison Regain, Tapio Wirkkala

La Chance
Marta Bakowski, Guillaume Delvigne, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, François Dumas, Hayo Gebauer, Mathieu Girard, Sebastian Herkner, Charles Kalpakian, Jonas Lutz, Luca Nichetto, Note Design Studio, Hannes Peer, Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus, Jean-Baptiste Souletie, Jonah Takagi, Bashko Trybek, Frederik Werner & Emil Lagoni, Dan Yeffet & Lucie Koldova


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